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Bird Species List


Animal Genetics has the world's largest database of avian DNA samples, with over 2000 different species of birds from around the world.

Category: Amazon

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Yellow-shouldered/Blue-fronted Amazon
Yellow-faced ParrotAlipiopsitta xanthops
Yellow-faced AmazonAlipiopsitta xanthops
Blue-fronted AmazonAmazona aestiva aestiva
Yellow-winged AmazonAmazona aestiva xanthopteryx
Bolivian Blue-fronted AmazonAmazona aestiva xanthopteryx
Black-billed AmazonAmazona agilis
White-fronted AmazonAmazona albifrons
Spectacled AmazonAmazona albifrons albifrons
Lesser White-fronted AmazonAmazona albifrons nana
Orange-winged AmazonAmazona amazonica
Dominican AmazonAmazona arausiaca
Red-necked AmazonAmazona arausiaca
Parvipes AmazonAmazona auropalliata parvipes
Red-lored AmazonAmazona autumnalis
Yellow-cheeked AmazonAmazona autumnalis autumnalis
Primrose-cheeked AmazonAmazona autumnalis autumnalis
Diademed AmazonAmazona autumnalis diadema
Lilacine AmazonAmazona autumnalis lilacina
Salvin's AmazonAmazona autumnalis salvini
Yellow-shouldered AmazonAmazona barbadensis barbadensis
Rothschild's AmazonAmazona barbadensis rothschildi
Northern Festive AmazonAmazona bodini
Red-tailed AmazonAmazona brasiliensis
Dufresne's AmazonAmazona brasiliensis dufresniana
Jamaican AmazonAmazona collaria
Red-throated AmazonAmazona collaria
Chapman's Mealy AmazonAmazona farinosa chapmani
Mealy AmazonAmazona farinosa farinosa
Blue-cheeked AmazonAmazona farinosa farinosa
Guatemalan AmazonAmazona farinosa guatemalae
Blue-crowned AmazonAmazona farinosa guatemalae
Costa Rica Mealy AmazonAmazona farinosa virenticeps
Bodin's AmazonAmazona festiva bodini
Festive AmazonAmazona festiva festiva
Lilac-crowned AmazonAmazona finschi
Finsch's AmazonAmazona finschi finschi
Sonora Lilac-crowned AmazonAmazona finschi woodi
St. Vincent's AmazonAmazona guildingii
Imperial AmazonAmazona imperialis
Cayman ParrotAmazona leucocephala
Cuban AmazonAmazona leucocephala
Yellow-billed AmazonAmazona leucocephala collaria
Scaly-naped AmazonAmazona mercenaria
Yellow-fronted AmazonAmazona ochrocephala
Yellow-naped AmazonAmazona ochrocephala auropalliata
Double Yellow-headed Amazon magnaAmazona ochrocephala magna
Yellow-crowned AmazonAmazona ochrocephala ochrocephala
Panama AmazonAmazona ochrocephala panamensis
Parvipes yellow-naped AmazonAmazona ochrocephala parvipes
Marajó Yellow-crowned AmazonAmazona ochrocephala xantholaema
Marajó AmazonAmazona ochrocephala xantholaema
Belize Yellow-headed AmazonAmazona oratrix belizensis
Honduras Yellow-headed AmazonAmazona oratrix hondurensis
Greater Yellow Headed AmazonAmazona oratrix magna
Yellow-headed AmazonAmazona oratrix oratrix
Double Yellow-headed AmazonAmazona oratrix oratrix
Tres Marias AmazonAmazona oratrix tresmariae
Red-spectacled AmazonAmazona pretrei
Red-browed AmazonAmazona rhodocorytha
Red-topped AmazonAmazona rhodocorytha
Tucuman AmazonAmazona tucumana
Hispaniolan AmazonAmazona ventralis
St. Lucia AmazonAmazona versicolor
Vinaceous AmazonAmazona vinacea
Red-Crowned AmazonAmazona viridigenalis
Mexican Red-headed AmazonAmazona viridigenalis
Green-cheeked AmazonAmazona viridigenalis
Red-fronted AmazonAmazona vittata
Puerto Rican AmazonAmazona vittata
Yellow-lored AmazonAmazona xantholora